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Mediation ServiceMediation Service

Mediation is recognised as a successful mechanism for resolving conflict. Mediation offers all parties an opportunity to resolve their conflicts and disputes prior to taking or continuing with expensive and time consuming legal action.

Have you ever been left pondering your own behavior and words during a conversation you've had with someone you have been in conflict with?  Have you found yourself replaying them in your mind over and over, kicking yourself for the things you did or didn't say?  Mediation is a way of feeling good about what you say in a difficult conversation.  It will allow you find a way to say what you need to say even if confrontation is hard for you or vice versa.

How can Mediation help you?

In mediation, disputes are managed in a private and confidential setting and in a way that is much more economical, less time consuming and less stressful.

The wider benefits of mediation need little explanation -  time and money might might be spent fighting a legal battle can be used proactively to start new businesses, create products, and grow existing companies. Mediation can create exciting new opportunities for collaborative partnerships and new jobs. 

Mediation is about creating a win – win for individuals who might otherwise become entrenched in litigation with little flexibility for considering more positive options. 

Mediation allows you to “agree to disagree” while retaining important relationships whether personal or business. 

Mediation should be the first stage when considering what to do about a conflict with another party. 

With the help of our experienced Mediator, mediation can give you the space to think about possible solutions to resolve the conflict yourself with the other party.  This means you remain in control of the process unlike complicated court procedures where decisions are imposed on the parties and quite often leaves both sides feeling unsatisfied with the process. 

Mediation is not about compromise – its aim is to create a win-win for disputing parties.

Mediation is about exploring the underlying conflicts and about challenging people to see things differently and to get a greater understanding of themselves and the other party.

Mediation is used for workplace conflict, family conflicts, neighbour disputes, construction or workmanship disputes relating to small or large projects.

A key skill in resolving conflicts using mediation is Listening.  We can help you to understand why listening is so important, not so much in a physical sense but in a deeper, “listening mentally ” sense.

Mediation can help to remove any clutter or debris in a relationship and instead use it to deepen personal and/or professional bonds. 

For more information about the process, time and cost involved, and its benefits to you - please call us now on 01250 874485 or 07719 855856.

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